News from 2º ESO

  • Graded Readers:

Canterville Ghost. Oscar Wilde. Oxford

The Real McCoy and other ghost stories.  Dominoes 1. Oxford

  • Exams:
  1. Listening and Reading: E2E = …  ; E2G = …
  2. Writing and  Use of English (Grammar and Vocab): E2E= …; E2G = …
  3. Oral exam: E2E =  ; E2G =
  4. Re-sit exam (pendientes): …Dec, … Mar, … May

News from 2º Bach

Exams -2017:

  • Units 3 and 4 (Listening, rewriting): B2A: Feb …; B2D: Feb …
  • Text Reading/writingB2A: Feb …; B2D: Feb …
  • Oral exam: B2A: Feb … ; B2D: Feb …

Compositions for Unit 3: Pros and cons of being single/getting married / Optional: My ideal partner
: Click and and practise ‘rephrasing’.

Assessment criteria in 2º Bach

“PAU” tests: (Samples from previous years)

Exchange with England

Northgate High School, Dereham, Norfolk, England

Participants: 20 from ESO, Year 3.

Visit to Zaragoza:  March, 2018

Visit to England: April, 2018 (or  May)

Criteria for selecting the participants

Accomodation: in host families

Meeting with families and students: 

Important documents: The files can be opened with Word and printed

Programa de actividades en España 2018

Program of activities-England 2018

Formulario a rellenar por los participantes

Autorización Intercambio Inglaterra

Autorización Viaje al Pirineo (ingleses y españoles juntos, …de marzo)

If you are a participant, you must fill in a form and hand it over to your teacher. You can also get this form at the link Formulario a rellenar por los participantes.

You also need to get a passport and the Tarjeta Sanitaria Europea. Please make a photocopy of these documents for the English department.