17 thoughts on “Compositions

  1. Unit 8
    A sports event: Baseball strange behaviour.
    It was a sunny and cloudy day. Two important teams were playing in the Principal American Baseball Stadium (PABS). Marc Johnson was the ¨most valuable player of the match (MVP)¨.The score was 8-8, the sweat and the score made the batsman very nervous and Marc’s team needed to score a HomeRun to win the game. It was the critical moment, Marc hit the ball very powerfully. The ball flew and flew very far, but… a player from the oposition team was very close to grab the ball and suddenly… a huge bird appeared and caught the ball in the air. Minutes later the bird disappeared with the ball… it was a HomeRun and a brilliant victory to Marc’s team!The supporters of the team felt very happy and they celebrated the brilliant victory with a big pool-party.

  2. Pros and cons of the Internet.
    The Internet has advantages and disadvantages.
    One advantage is that you can search and find information on the Web about any topic you an imagine. It can be very helpful to do your schoolwork and to write projects about school subjects.You can communicate with family and friends by emails, chats and texts massages. Another good thing is that you can participate in social networks like Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Whatsapp… On YouTube you can share videos, movies, videoclips, tutorials, etc. In addition, you can do online shopping, you can buy and sell things, make bank transactions, you can read digital books (ebooks), newspapers and magazines.

    But there are also some risks and dangers. For example, some websites are insecure, so hackers can steal your passwords, credit card numbers or confidential information. There is also malware (malicious software), viruses, spyware, Trojans that can damage your computer, steal personal information, etc. Moreover, some websites contain pornography, neonazi propaganda, false information, violent games… Some people get addicted to the Internet.
    In conclusion, the Internet has got good and bad things. Therefore, we have to be careful.

  3. Yesterday, I woke up at 7.15 and I had a shower. Then I got dressed and went down to the kitchen. I had some fruit juice, biscuits and coffee for breakfast.

    I left home at 8 o’clock and arrived at school at twenty past eight. I had 6 lessons in the morning. The best lesson was P.E. During break time I talked to my friends and I had a cheese sandwich.

    School finished at ten past two, so I went back home and had lunch with my family.
    In the afternoon I did my homework.
    In the evening I listened to the radio and I played computer games. I also went shopping. I bought a present for my mother because it was her birthday.
    I came back home and had dinner. After dinner I watched my favourite series on TV. Finally I went to bed at 11.

  4. Lina’s Restaurant is a new elegant restaurant at 55 Hollywood street.
    It has got something for everyone: Chicken salad, spaghetti with tomato, raw vegetables, raw fish and beef with sauce. The restaurant has also got all types of drinks and desserts.
    For a delicious meal, go to Lina’s Restaurant. It’s open every day from 8:00 am to 11:00 pm.
    My favourite menu is chicken salad, spaghetti with tomato and beef with sauce. I recommend it because the food is delicious.
    See you there

  5. Gala’s delicatessen
    It is a family restaurant at 93 Azucarera street. It has got something for everyone: veggie pizza, hot spaghetti with tomato sauce, and chicken salad.The restaurant has also got chocolate cakes.
    It’s open every day from 13.00 pm. to 12.00 am. My favorite menu is: For starters, I like chicken salad. For main course, I prefer pasta (spaghetti with tomato sauce).For dessert, I like dark chocolate.
    I recommend it because the food is excellent and the cakes are delicious.
    See you there

  6. A restaurant review: Mc Don
    Mc Don is a new fast food restaurant at 707 Spain street. It has got something for everyone: Fried chicken, hot dogs, burgers; and for desserts it offers cakes and icecreams. For a good and fast meal, go to Mc Don. It’s open from 9:00 am until 8:00 pm.
    My favourite menu in the Mc Don restaurant is the burgers (ham and cheese burger) because they are salty and delicious,and for dessets the chocolate cake because it’s sweet and frozen.
    See you there. I really recommend it for teenagers.

  7. The television is a very important invention, because all people have at least one on his house. It receives signals and turns them into pictures and sound. But the older television looked like a box, it had large wooden frames and sat on the floor like furniture and they used an antenna to operate.
    All TV sets before the 1970s were usually black and white, which made everything look grey and the screens also used to have rounded corners.
    Today, newers televisions are much lighter and flatter. Modern TVs show colors and they are usually flat rectangles with straight edges. A television can show pictures from many places. This would pick up shows from broadcast television stations like video games consoles connect to most modern televisions and some computers can also use a TV as a monitor.
    Today there are also Liquid crystal display (LCD), Plasma, rear-projection, and organic light-emitting diode (OLED) TVs.

    For me, Coca-Cola is a different and special drink. It is one of the best inventions in the world. The first formula of the Coca-Cola drink was created by John Pemberton, a pharmacist.
    The Coca-Cola is a very refreshing, tasty and very sweet drink.
    Advantages: It is fine when you are bored, lonely, upset, worried, disappointed or tired, because its caffeine excites and animates you. It’s fantastic when you are met with your friends.
    Disadvantages: It can make you nervous and you can’t sleep in all night. Be careful!.
    To sum up, the Coca-Cola is the best drink comparative with orders drinks of the world and if you are so “special” you also will find with a lot of different flavors: cherry, lemon, vanilla, orange…
    The spot and motto in 1975 was “The spark of life”.
    Try it!

  9. THE TV
    It is one of the most important inventions.It was invented in the 1930s and the BBC made the fist emission in Europe.

    Before the appearence of the Internet, the television was the most used communication medium . At first, it was only in black and white but in the 1960s the scientists invented the televison in colour and there were not many TV sets around the world.

    Today, there are TV sets in all the homes around the world.
    All people, young and old, listen and watchthe TVprogramme. There are a lot of programmes: news, soap operas, sports, documentaries, cartoons mystery series, all sorts of programmes. My favourite is …

  10. Unit 6: Mad about mobiles
    I have a Samsung Galaxy Ace, it is black but you can change the colour. It has got a touch screen and one button, it hasnt got a keypad.It is big and i also put a skin prtotector and a blue silicone cover to protect him.
    With my mobile phone i can do all i need.It has a digital camera, but i dont remember how many megapixeles is there, with a flash, an alarm clock to mornings for wake-up, a calendar where i aim my necessary dates. music and internet for where i am bored, i dont have a headset.
    Of course, i can send text message and call my friends. It has got a caller ID too.
    In my opinion, internet is a good invention. It do our life better and easier. Companoes,schools

  11. I tell about my future mobile phone,now,I’ve got a very old mobile,but in June,my dad give me the Samsung Galaxy SII
    This mobile has got a touch screen (4,3 inches).
    It has got a digital camera (8mp) and a video calling.
    Also,it has got a voice mail,caller ID,calendar,alarm clock…
    It has got a Play Store (Android Market) and the new Android : 2.3.4.
    And the most important: it has got 16GB.

    You can watch pictures and videos with a lot of resolution,and you can take a lot of images and videos with the incredible camera.
    Also,you can get up every mornings with the alarm clock of the mobile phone,and use the calendar for remember the important moments.
    With Play Store you can download a lof of aplications: Games,themes,music,pictures… I’ts fantastic.
    In this mobile,my dad use one aplication: Invesflet,you can work with this controlling all cranes.

    But not all advantages…
    Internet is not always good,for example,if you download a game,you can get addicted,be all the time with the phone is not good,the hackers can steal your passwords …
    But also has advantages!
    You can talk with your friends with Whatsapp or Tuenti,check mail,get something…you can do a lot of things.
    It’s a fantastic mobile phone.

  12. My mobile phone is black it is from the Samsung campany but my operator campany is Movistar. It has two digital cameras, one in front and the other one behind. The display is a touchscreen but at the moment it is broken.
    I can make and receive phone calls, send and receive messages and video calling, I can listen and record music. It has different rigtones, alarm clock, calendar, caller ID, a phone changer.
    My mobile phone hasn´t got internet connection or whatsapp, but I like it.

  13. My mobile phone is LG GT860; it’s grey black and white and light. It has got a touch screen , a clock , games , a voicemail camera and radio.
    I can’t surf the internet because its so old but it can take very good photos because it has got a camera with 8 megapixels.
    I can download aplications.I use my mobile phone to get up in the morning with the alarm clock , it so practical.

  14. My mobile phone has got a big touch screen that to take up all the mobile. It has got some ringtones too like the song whiskey in the jar of Metallica and some songs of Foo Fighters. It hasn’t got a keypad because it has got a big touch screen, it has got a alarm clock,calendar and others things like a mobile phone charger like all the mobiles phones and a normal headset that they are coming with the mobile phone and it has got a digital camera with 3,5 MP.

    With my mobile phone I can listen music and I like that because I like listen music all time. I can take photos and make videos with the digital camera I can browse the web but I haven’t got internet anywhere I can use my mobile phone like alarm clock for wake me up the days that I have got class or a football match I can’t make video calls but I can send messages.

    Internet is good but is bad on same time. In internet we can search some information of a schoolwork, we can talk with our friends and with person of our family that life in other city or country. We can buy clothes or others things online but hackers can steal our password credit card numbers and we can get addicted to games or social networks.

  15. Unit 4 Fashion items
    I like wearing a beautiful tight hoodie. It is perfect for school beacuse it is practical. I also have got cool jeans. I like to wear them when I go to a party, they are “in”!. And finally I’ ve got very beautiful t-shirts, I can use them all time ;they are colourful and trendy.
    I like to wear them because this is my style.

  16. Unit 5 Email: Plans for your visit
    Subject: Your visit plans.

    Dear, John:
    All family is excited about your visit. I´m sure you will have great fun. We´ve already prepared a lot of activities for you.
    On Friday, we’re going to visit the Pilar Basilica, and then we’re going to the tourist office and to “la ruta de los chocolates” (a chocolate tour). Then we’re going to visit my grandma´s house to eat a surprise meal.
    On Saturday, we’re going to get up at eight o´clock and we’re going to my swimming pool and to watch the football match of Zaragoza in the morning.
    At four in the afternoon, we’re going home to play a football match game (FIFA 12) on the game console.
    On Sunday, I’m going to the Panishop to buy some churros for breakfast and later we’re going to La Expo site to row kayacks. Finally we’re going to the Ebro river on a boat.
    Don’t forget to bring some warm clothes beacuse in Zaragoza it may be cold, windy and rainy in March.
    I look forward to seeing you.
    Best wishes
    Saúl Bordonaba 3ºD

  17. Unit 1
    A restaurant review : Helen´s Restaurant .
    Helen´s restaurant is a new young people´s restaurant at 145 Theatre Street . It has got something for everyone : spicy chicken, hot meat, raw vegetables, pizza and pasta . The restaurant has also got some delicious sweet drinks . For a fantastic meal , go to Helen´s Restaurant . It´s open everyday from 18:00pm at 02:00am .
    My favourite food in the restaurant is the spicy chicken , because it is salty, oily and delicious. After that, you should try our wonderful ice-cream on white and black chocolate, because it´s frozen and sweet. See you there !!!

    Group 3E

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